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Are your landing page visitors not converting?
Is your Woocommerce store lack trust?
Are you trying to boost your Woocommerce store sales? or trying to make your site trustworthy and look busy?

These are common problems for e-commerce. And the answer is Social Proof.

Let’s look at what it means and what you can do to quickly increase your conversions rate.

What is Social Proof?

If your visitors see that others are buying your product, they will trust your site and they will be more likely to do the same. That is just what it means.
Imagine yourself on a new website ( store ) looking for a specific product to buy. Would you trust it? Of course No! But if I show you that others are buying from it. Would you trust it now? The Answer is Yes.

What is Woomotiv?

Woomotiv is a social proof plugin that displays Woocommerce live sales notifications ( social proof notifications/popups) to your visitors. And this can boost your store conversions rate.

Can I fake notifications? ( Most Asked Question )

The short answer is yes, but we do not recommend that.
Woomotiv is not a fake social proof plugin, because it fetches your store's orders and displays them as popups to your visitors. So if you fake orders then Woomotiv will fetch them from the database and will display them.

Nobody cares what you say about your business. Let your customers do the selling for you. Show your visitors how often your website's customers purchase your products.

Benefits You Get From Using Social Proof.

Conversions: Increase conversions rate by displaying Woocommerce social proof popups to your visitors.
Credibility: You will radiate credibility when visitors see that other people are buying from you.
Save Money: Your Visitors now are more likely to convert and this can save you advertising money by at least 20%.

Watch How Fast to Install Woomotiv

10 Seconds Installation, No Configuration Needed !

woomotiv video preview

Powerful Features

Real Time Notifications

Display recent sales on your website to convert visitors into customers.

Custom Messages ( Text )

Customize the notification ( popup ) message to something like.

Easy to Setup

No configuration needed, just install it and that's it.

Design Options

View your changes live before saving them. change colors, position, shape and more.


Works beautifully on all kind of devices.

Documentation & Support

Detailed documentation and free support in case you need it.

Easy To Customize

Easily customize the look and feel for the woocommerce sales popups to match with your website's branding.
And view your changes live before saving them.

woomotiv general settings
woomotiv appearance settings
woomotiv content template settings
woomotiv advanced settings

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Woomotiv?

Do I need coding skills to use Woomotiv?

Absolutely not! Woomotiv works out of the box without any need of coding skills.

How many sites can I use Woomotiv on?

Based on your license type, you can use it on 1 site or unlimited sites.

Can I use Woomotiv for my client sites?

Absolutely Yes! you can use it on your client sites.

Do you offer refunds?

We are sure that you will love Woomotiv. If you ever need a refund, we will gladly return your money.

For how long do I get support?

You will get 6 months of support.

For how long do I get upgrades?

Until we decide to stop working on the plugin, which may never happens.

Will Woomotiv stop working after my 6 months support expires?

No. You can continue to use Woomotiv as long as you wish to.

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